Instagram was founded in 2010, but it is already larger than many of the older social networking sites. It is an excellent platform for businesses to grow their brand. Here are some reasons you should use Instagram as part of your branding strategy.

Instagram is the second most active social networking site

Facebook is the only social media site where users spend more time than Instagram. Instagram is also growing rapidly every year. You can reach a very large base of potential customers by establishing a presence on the world’s most popular image sharing site.

Using visuals to build your brand

Visual content has become very important for online branding. One of the unique advantages of Instagram is that it has a number of sophisticated filters. You can create hundreds or even thousands of variations of a single image. Having unique images will hope you differentiate yourself in your vertical.

High conversion rates for Instagram referrals

It is usually difficult to generate sales with direct referrals on social media. If you plan to market products on Facebook, Twitter or most other social networking sites, you generally need to use a squeeze page and a multistage sales funnel to convert your customers.

Since customers tend to be more engaged on Instagram, you don’t usually need to create such a sophisticated funnel. You can actually generate great conversions by direct linking to your sales page. According to one study by Shopify, the average sale through an Instagram referral was over $65.

Less competition

Instagram has become a very popular social networking site in recent months. However, many companies have been reluctant to take the plunge. This means there is still plenty of time for savvy business owners to build a strong presence and dominate their market.

Easy to generate lots of followers

If you want to create a successful marketing strategy on any social networking site, you will need a lot of followers. Instagram is no exception. Fortunately, it isn’t hard to get followers on Instagram. People enjoy following brands that share very high-quality content. It is very easy for companies to follow brands on Instagram, so you can generate a dozen or more followers with a single, valuable post.

There are other ways to earn followers on Instagram too. Many companies find ways to get automated Instagram likes, which helps them attract more organic followers in the future. Having a high number of likes increases the likelihood that your content will appear in other people’s feeds, which raises the likelihood that they will follow you.

Facebook targeting capabilities with how much lower cost

Instagram is owned by Facebook, so it has the same advertising platform. This means that you can use the same advertising strategies to engage with potential customers. You can target customers by their location, gender, age and Facebook interests.

The main advantage of using Instagram over Facebook for advertising is the much lower cost. Almost every major brand is using Facebook to engage with their customers in some way. However, since competition is much lower on Instagram, you can get exposure for a much lower cost.

If your end goal is to advertise on Facebook, you can start your campaigns on Instagram first to test the waters. Once you figure out which demographics respond best to your ads, you can use the same targeting options on Facebook.