6 Best Drones In Australia In 2017

Drones are increasingly becoming popular in recent days. Their application is increasing day by day ranging from military action to wildlife research and live coverage of events. A majority of people also use drones for fun activities like drone racing. Due to their increase in popularity, it has now become a doubting task to get the best drone that can serve your purpose. If you are looking for top best drones in 2017, then look no more. Here are top drones you can buy and fly in Australia in 2017.

  1. Zerotech Dobby

If you are looking for a small and affordable drone that can take perfect selfies, then Zerotech Dobby is all that you need. It has acquired a massive amount of popularity over the past few months. People who have bought it before are praising it for its incredible performance. It produces perfect images due to its 4K camera. The only drawback of this drone is that it is somehow short range (roughly 100 meters), but then again it takes perfect selfies.

  1. DJI Phantom 3 Professional

This is one of the best drones from DJI. It has a good camera (4K at 30fps), Lightbridge video downlink, long flight range and GPS/GLONASS dual positioning modules. This feature makes this camera a better version from DJI that can be used for a wide variety of possible applications. When it comes to its quality, it is just perfect as expected.

  1. Blade Nano QX RTF

This is a simple and affordable drone that is great for beginners. If you are interested in getting into the hobby with a tough to break, durable and easy to master model, Blade Nono QX RTF is a perfect choice. The reason this drone is beginner friendly is that Blade has incorporated automatic stability controls (in the form of Sensor Assisted Flight Envelope) to help it keep sturdy and flying in good condition despite what you do with it. Also, Blade Nano QX RTF is a small drone, about a palm size, this makes it a good drone to either fly indoors or outdoors.

  1. Parrot Bebop Drone

Parrot is one of the leading producers of some recognizable drones in the market (including Parrot AR Drone). The one that has been recently released is the Parrot Bebop Drone. It is a medium-sized drone with a camera integrated into it, and it’s versatile and easy to fly. It also offers FPV piloting and support for both tablet or smartphone and Parrots own Skycontroller to pilot the Bebop. The 14MP integrated fisheye HD camera on its front is awesome for capturing the details of anything you pass over, and it is small enough to fly indoors. Parrot Bebop is a lightweight drone majorly built for stability rather than agility. The discrete controls enable you to pan the camera view while at the same time keeping the drone steady and level. The drone also generates its Wi-Fi hotspot. Despite the fact that it’s a bit costly, Parrot Bebop is a nice high-end drone.

  1. Autel Robotics X-Star Premium Drone

The X-Star is an amazingly easy to fly quad copter that has been designed for a superb aerial imagery. Its 3-axis and the 4K camera can record very clear, smooth Ultra HD videos or take 12-MP images with HD live view that is up to 1.2 miles away. The X-Star is ready to fly right out of its package, and you don’t have to fly using the free Starlink mobile app for help. Powered by its amazing features, this drone can stay safe and stable even on high altitudes and indoors. Some drones may fly away or become erratic when there is a magnetic interface, but the star is equipped with an exclusive Securely technology that helps the drone fly home safely.

  1. Yuneec Typhoon H

Typhoon H has a myriad of features that makes this drone one of the best in the market. It comes with an ST16 and sports a CG03+ camera, which is capable of giving you FPV live feed. It also supports the 4K resolution, and it’s mounted on a motorized 3-axis gimbal that gives it all the stability it requires oven during harsh weather. Typhoon H can avoid a collision with any obstacle that comes on its way by providing real-time detection from all direction.

Bottom Line

There you have it; we hope you now have a better understanding about drones and which one to pick. The only thing now is to take your drone for a fly, but don’t let it wander, there are some places that are considered no-fly zones for drones. There are quite a number of drones; some are pocket-friendly, some are costly others are high-tech while others are best for beginners. You choose according to your specific needs. We hope the list we have outlined above will help you make a better decision.