The internet is a pretty big place and in 2018, most of us have access to it in a number of ways, be it on the computer, tablet or mobile phone. Whilst many of us live busy lives 9-5, evening and weekend times can become a little boring and you may be sitting there scratching your head wondering how you can fill the spare time.

We’ve taken a look at 5 easy ways you can kill time on the internet, with some of these methods actually ones you can also use to make some money! Let’s jump straight in and find some ways you can kill time online…

Get Your Game On

 Many of us love playing games online to pass the time, with many different disciplines such as Shooters, Sports Simulators and MMORPG being the most popular. There are literally thousands of free games online that often only require a quick sign up to get started.

What many people don’t realise is that there are many sites that will actually pay you to play their games and give your feedback – meaning earning money from gaming isn’t reserved for only the very best esports gamers.

Why not sign up to a site such as GetPaidTo and start earning rewards for playing games online? It’s really simple and you could pocket some big rewards from popular games such as Sudoku and Jigsaw.

Did you know? – You can be rewarded for online games in a range of methods, such as PayPal, Gift Cards or Direct Bank Transfer.

Take a Spin

 Another hugely popular way to spend some time online is to take to the online gambling scene. Alongside the ability to again play some populars games such as Poker, BlackJack and Roulette, online gambling sites often have friendly communities where friendships can be made.

Whilst gambling is a very risky way to make some money, with high risk comes high reward with many people forging very lucrative careers from careful and strategic methods on online gambling sites.

Online Gambling is very popular throughout the world, so there will be many sites by which you can use to get started. Often these sites offer huge bonuses for new signups, so chose wisely to maximise the time you spend taking a spin online.

Did you know? – Whilst a popular hobby for many across the globe, online gambling (or, online ‘gokken’) has only recently become accepted in the Netherlands and as such, Dutch sites offer generous starting bonuses to boost their presence.

Have Your Say

 For many business sectors, such as Retail and Entertainment, the majority of their reputation is built upon reviews from current and past customers. With reviews being such a crucial part of any money-making strategy, organisations all over the world are keen for punters to have their say!

Why not take some time to sign up to some paid review sites? Many businesses will send you a sample of their latest product and all they ask in exchange is for you to give your comments on their preferred review site.

Did you know? – As well as getting some free products, many will also incentivise the process – again offering payment through channels such as PayPal or Gift Card Schemes.

Get Social!

Many of us spend our lives on Social Media, keeping up with friends and relatives whilst searching out the latest trends or funniest memes. You’ve probably spotted loads of ads on places like Facebook and Instagram and what many people don’t appreciate is how easy it can be to monetise your social accounts.

Leveraging Social Media to generate income can be done in many ways, but some of the most popular include curation or fans pages. If you’re passionate about a certain hobby, sports team or celebrity, why not create a page dedicated to that topic?

You can start to build a regular audience who you know have certain interests and then work with influencers or advertisers who have common audiences with you. Depending on reach and quality, pages can make thousands of pounds per post, simply for posting about a product or service that your audience is interested in.

Did you know? – There are many great guides to help you make money on Social Media – check this one out!

Start a Side Hustle

As a new online generation continue to evolve, there are many businesses who need people on a flexible basis to help them exploit the new landscape! Digital Freelancing is a huge market now, with many millennials taking advantage of their native online skills to earn a little extra cash.

Sites such as Fiverr and PeoplePerHour allow freelancers to make an online account, showcasing their skills and invite businesses to upload work opportunities, all behind the security of their platforms.

The jobs advertised vary in complexity, from simple data input to short-term project management roles or outbound calling. Once tasks are complete, buyers can upload reviews to further boost your profile and attract more work at higher rates.

Did you know? – According to predictions by
Nasdaq, 43% of the U.S. workforce will be freelancers by 2020.