Are you looking to bring in some extra cash? Maybe you are a student, stay-at-home parent or possibly looking to pick up a side gig.  What if there was a way to add cash to your account all from the comfort of your couch? If you are like most people and want to make extra money, check out this list of opportunities to increase your cashflow.


Back in the day you used to journal your daily activities and thoughts in your diary. Would you have guessed that you could now make a living off sharing your journal with the public?  Thanks to the interest and growth of social media, many have turned their passion for writing about their own lives into a lucrative career.  Blogging is even an option if you do not want to quit your day job.  Start sharing your fashion finds or document your travels.  These blogs will not only be fun to look back on later in life, but can also be a fun way to make extra money through advertising and blogger influence networks.


Do you love sharing your opinion or trying new products or services?  YouTube advertising may be a wonderful way to pay your bills. It may take time to build your audience, however once you do, the views will turn into dollars.  The options are almost limitless.  For example, do you have a knack for applying makeup, personal tips on winning at slot machines or maybe know how to fix household appliances? Why not record your experience? You can help others by sharing your knowledge and make money while doing so!


Today, people of all ages are crafting, creating and building items and then turning their creations into a lucrative business.  Etsy is possibly the easiest and most popular avenue to sell your goods.  Simply take photos of your items and post with a description and watch sales requests come in.

Virtual Assistant

Do you have eye for grammar and superior attention to detail?  You could use your talents to help companies with a multitude of tasks such as proofreading, transcriptionist or clerical work.  A virtual assistant position also typically pays very well. Look online, many small companies frequently post requests for these services.

Online Casinos

You don’t have to book a trip to Las Vegas to rake in gambling winnings. Who would have thought you could play poker or your favorite casino games and make money from your home? While gambling may not be for everyone, many have turned their luck into extra income. If you are a fan of the thrill that comes with visiting the casino, try online poker where you can get a live dealer while playing online and making money.

As you can see there are several diverse online opportunities out there.  Consider the talents and skills you currently possess and maybe give one or two of these a shot.  At first, it may take perseverance, however the ability to make extra money from home and possibly turn your gig into a full-time job are worth the effort.