Consumer data has now started to routinely be stolen from company databases in many different data breach incidents. This has resulted in many consumers losing faith in the ability of organizations to keep their personal or financial details secure. Many different organizations have realized that there is a problem with potential breaches and are working to protect themselves and their customers from being violated. Here are five ways businesses are working to protect your data online.

1. Retraining Employees

Keeping information secure starts with a well-trained staff. Many companies are now putting resources and money into retraining their existing employees in maintaining information securely. Many workers who are not skilled in internet technology are being educated about simple things they can do to keep customer data from being accessed by outside parties. One thing that companies have focused on in training is informing employees about the dangers of clicking on unfamiliar links and phishing attacks.

2. Updating Technology

Next, many organizations are spending time on updating technology as new ways of accessing networks and breaching data are being discovered. This may mean that a company needs to consider upgrading their network components, routers, and servers to more modern technology solutions that have greater options for data security. They also have worked to purchase newer models of computer workstations that are better equipped to handle the demands of powerful data protection software.

3. Hiring Cybersecurity Experts

Another method that industries are using to help keep their information private is to hire an individual with cybersecurity expertise. Having a staff member trained in cybersecurity can make it easier to keep information secure. There is an influx of many new graduates from programs like Maryville’s online cyber degree course of study who have the necessary skills and talents to help keep data safe from criminals. This way, businesses can look to their knowledgeable personnel to tackle this problem.

4. Using New Encryption Methods

Additionally, businesses are learning about newer encryption methods to help keep their data from ending up in the wrong hands. In order to get access to new ways to encrypt data, many companies are looking to top university programs for recruits in this field. UAB’s mis degree online is helping to provide businesses with qualified individuals who understand the complexities of computer information systems and databases.

5. Investing in Software Fixes

Finally, many companies are also investing in more software fixes to help close the security gaps of common programs and computer tools for business. Many of these software updates are being helmed by a movement of companies within the internet technology field. As they learn more about the various vulnerabilities and back doors from which hackers are able to gain access to sensitive data, they are making progress in creating patches and fixes.

This helps businesses have more confidence in the security of their software purchases.
Being in business today means that part of your work must be devoted to preventing data theft. Companies must take steps to ensure that customer data and online privacy is protected so the world can continue to thrive in the online stage of commerce and information.