Do you need a Spy camera system for your home or office? If yes, then you have come to the right place. Following, we are going to give you a brief guide to what things you need to look for when investing in a surveillance system. So, take your time!

Mind Your Surrounding

When it comes to buying a spy camera, you need to find smoothing that will blend in with your environment. Consider where you will install the camera. Will you install it indoor or outdoor? Come up with concealment which doesn’t attract suspicion indoor. You can pick up anything including a smoke detector, picture frame, wall clock, thermostat, etc. Secrecy is the key to success.

Just mind the flood and emergency lights. People act according to their true nature when they know they are not watched. A hidden camera can help you monitor these actions and provided the much-needed evidence of any activity or crime.


It’s important you consider the level of details you need for image and video. A detailed video or image offers facial identification. So, its better you invest in the best spy camera as it produces high-resolution images.

A spy camera which offers 600 TV lines of resolution will suffice most of your needs. So, when it to pick the resolution, consider DVR recording resolution to ensure you have enough details for a positive ID. Don’t forget the focal length. Does the camera have desired focal length needed to capture the right level of details? The focal length is the distance from the center of the camera to the subject or the area being monitored.

Don’t forget the field of length; it also determines how much detail is captured in a scene and how large elements will be. The angle of field view is also very important. A camera with long focal length offers a narrow-angle of few. The image produced will be large, and it will have more details. The hidden camera with shorter focal length produces a wide angle of view, and the image produce is smaller with fewer details.

Lighting Conditions

Do you need to capture images in the dark or just change lighting conditions? You need to choose something that has both day and night functions. Look for a built-in IR array or wide dynamic range. This will let you get the best image quality in different environments and lighting conditions.

Recording Solutions


There are various options if you want a recording solution. You can connect the camera with a DVR to record video. You can also invest in a new DVR or Micro DVR which works with your hidden cameras. The best solution is, you purchase a hidden camera with built-in DVR.

If you have a video security system in place which comes with a DVR, then add a hidden camera which is compatible with the system and offers convert surveillance. If the hidden camera you bought doesn’t feature a built-in VR, then you can buy a separate unit to record stuff.

Just make sure you have a software solution for your hardware. If the in-built solution is ancient, then you can update to the latest and greatest with Cocospy. This is a surveillance app that works best with Android and iOS.

Don’t worry; you won’t have to jailbreak your Android phone or iOS device to install it. Just download the damn thing and commence installation.

The Power Source

When it comes to choosing a camera for a surveillance system, you better not forget the power. You can choose a wired or wireless camera which comes with AC cable or battery power.

If you want a non-permanent option, the wireless powered covert camera is ideal for the flexibility needed to move your device to another location a wireless battery solution offers flexibility make sure you have motion detection because it will help extend the battery life.

In case you want a permanent solution, get a wired camera with a consistent supply of power.   This way, you won’t have to worry about changing the battery from time to time. Not a versatile option, but it’s very convenient.

So you better consider your needs a pick something that suits them best. Take your time to research and make your mind.