Digital signage powered by advanced digital signage software is shaping up to be the wave of the future for retail stores of all descriptions.

Businesses of all sizes are finding creative ways to use strategically placed digital signs in extremely effective ways. And studies show 15% to 60% boosts in sales revenues on items featured to customers via digital signage, which is often more than enough to boost your overall ROI and pay for the screens and software in a matter of months.

Why Digital Signage Works

Digital signage outperforms static, old-fashioned signage hands down. Some authorities on the subject estimate that the moving images on digital signage displays are more than 25% more effective at grabbing and holding customers’ attention, and sales volume can increase by as much as 80%.

Animation brings images to life and makes the ad presented feel more like the “telling of a story” than the mere posting of information. Much depends, of course, on the type of content you run through the digital sign, the location of the sign, and the kinds of calls to action or “enticements” you use to motivate viewers.

But the visual attraction and appeal of moving instead of static pictures, logos, and text is a powerful way to promote your products/services.

Don’t Settle for Sub-par Software

In recent years, high-quality HD display screens for digital signage have become increasingly affordable. And many businesses can run all of their digital signage screens from a single in-store PC. But don’t forget about the software, for the quality of your digital signage software will determine the level of performance of your whole system.

Look for an affordable but high-performance software package that is intuitive to use (without learning code!), flexible and customizable, and above all, that maximizes interactive engagement. System security, remote management capability, and integration with POS kiosks are additional features to keep on your radar screen.

The 5 Sales-boosting Digital Signage Uses

Digital signage has dozens or even hundreds of creative uses that will boost sales and enhance your customer’s shopping experience.

We cannot name them all. And, clearly, strategies must vary according to factors such as business type and size, business location, building dimensions, and similar. Nevertheless, here are 5 ways that digital signs can frequently be used to generate extra sales:

  1. In-store featured items. Feature 3 to 5 on-sale or top-selling products on each screen. Keep the sales track of featured items and reposition the signage screens or adjust the sales content to A/B test everything. Keep experimenting until you reach peak sales.
  2. One central big-screen digital sign. On a wall near the store entrance, just before the line of check-out registers, or in another high-traffic location in your store, invest in a single, oversized digital sign. Run 10 or more items through the digital sign, or whatever it takes to draw customers to every section of your store.
  3. The aisle by aisle approach. Place a more modest-sized digital signage screen at one end of every major aisle in your store. Run ads for items specifically located in that aisle. You could also modify this to a department by department approach.
  4. Place digital signage at key resting spots in malls. If your store is in a mall, or if you are a mall manager, consider pushing for digital signage placement at the foot of escalators, in food courts, and near “busy benches” and play areas.
  5. Place digital signs outside to drive traffic in. Many retailers report that digital signage placed outside the store (whether just out the door, in the parking lot, in the center of a busy court), is driving more foot traffic into their establishments and increasing sales.