For businesses outside of the United States that would like to expand their business to the US, there is a quick, easy, and affordable solution – virtual phone numbers. Ensuring that your business has a solid presence in the United States, a business can purchase local phone numbers for major US cities, such as New York, Washington D.C., Dallas, and Miami. No matter where in the world your business is based, you can create the impression that you are also located in the United States and gain brand exposure in the US with the use of virtual phone numbers.

Here are 5 reasons why US phone numbers will blow your mind with their usefulness:

The Excellent Economy

The United States offers a range of opportunities for trade and commerce businesses. It is the largest national economy in the world in terms of nominal GDP. The United States has one of the most influential financial markets in the world and the most commonly used currency with regard to international transactions. US virtual phone numbers can help you make the most of the market and expand your business abroad.

Instant Gratification and Activation

Virtual phone numbers can be activated instantly. Since there is no equipment involved for installation or activation of the service, you can sign up and begin marketing and utilizing the US virtual phone numbers in a short amount of time. Not only are you enjoying cost savings by not having to install any equipment, but you can also begin to enjoy the benefits of US phone numbers immediately due to how fast the setup process is.


Another of the 5 reasons why US phone numbers will blow your mind with their usefulness is that they work for any size of business and any type of business. Whether it is a small or large business, beginning to expand internationally can be challenging and costly. At the same time, it can greatly increase the business’ bottom line.

A Range of Features Can be Used in Conjunction

To ensure that businesses do not sacrifice customer service standards when providing international services, there are many features that can be used in conjunction with a US virtual phone number, including an unlimited number of lines and extensions, voicemail, call forwarding, time of day routing, and much more.

Having a US business phone number gives the impression that your business is local. When a business is based in one part of the world and you wish to expand it to the United States, you must invest in virtual business phone numbers to truly connect to the market. If you are calling customers, they are more likely to pick up a call from a local phone number. And if customers need to reach you from within the United States, they are more likely to call you if you have a phone number within the United States versus an international phone number.

In summary, 5 reasons why US phone numbers will blow your mind with their usefulness are:

1.     Virtual phone numbers will help a business based outside of the US to make the most of this thriving and growing market when expanding

2.     Virtual phone numbers can be activated instantly

3.     Virtual phone numbers work well for any size or type of business

4.     There are many complementary features that can be activated to work alongside a virtual phone number for business purposes

5.     Virtual phone numbers can be a local phone number, which will help to give the impression that the business is based locally which helps to build trust and, ultimately, brand loyalty

Global Call Forwarding offers virtual phone numbers to the United States as well as over 150 countries across the globe.