In today’s busy world, customers make decisions rapidly and can shift their mindset and brand loyalty seamless within minutes. Smart businesses often take tremendous efforts to forge customer relationships in order to match their ideal lead profile. This is done in an attempt to convert those leads into prospects. Hence it has become paramount to exhibit a product or a service through various channels and such a channel is tradeshows and exhibitions. When you set a booth at a trade show, not only you advertise and create brand awareness for the target market but also reach out to a diverse range of public who might not be aware of your products and services.

Setting up a booth properly is a mammoth feat in itself and involves various pre-event advertising and in-event checklists. So, if you are wondering how to set a booth that stands out in tradeshows and exhibitions, here are five essentials for a successful booth.

  1. Registration /Sign-up slips and Card Collectors:

Sign Up sheets and card collectors are nothing new at a typical booth in any trade show. There would always be potential prospects who might forget their business cards while there will be some who would like to share their cards as well. Rather than using the usual fishbowl technique, a well-decorated fishbowl would serve as a catchy raffle to grab the visitor’s attention. Raffle drums and ballot boxes are creative means to collect business cards and if there are chances of losing a lead in the absence of business cards you can always use compact yet relevant registration slips as a backup to gain some of the leads’ information. While the prospects are at the booth filling registration slips, you can utilize the time to share some valuable information about your product and services.

2.Retractable Banners:

A research conducted in Canada proved that the average human attention span has dropped from 12 seconds to 8 seconds post the mobile revolution i.e. a second less than that of a goldfish. Hence, bright attractive signage is of a significant importance. Retractable banners printed with or without a system in various sizes not only display your brand name but make you stand out in your product campaigns at tradeshows. An eye-catching retractable banner is a popular marketing tool at events, exhibitions and tradeshows. Banners can be customized to fit the size of the booth and are visible from far. An aptly colorful, well designed and convenient to carry banner always attracts visitors’ attention and is a must-have essential for a top-notch booth.

3.Interactive Walls and Monitors:

    We are surrounded by technology in every walk of life hence leveraging LED displays or video display monitors have become compulsory these days. Interactive walls and touch screens put the visitor in the driver’s seat changing them from a mere spectator to an exploring participant who wants to know more about your product by enlarging, rotating or playing around the virtual tour of your product and services. Technological tools with thoroughly creative and informationalvideos is a surefire way to turn a passerby into a lead and eventually into a prospect.

4.Other Printed Material

It is always advisable to give out relevant pieces of information or content to a specific audience which means you need an assorted collection of printed material. Flyers can be used to start with basic information which later can be complemented with a full-fledged brochure to visitors who are more inquisitive. Apart from flyers and brochures you can share folded leaflets, mini booklets and catalogues.Never forget to share your business card with all potential leads as you never know when they might turn into prospects. Many online printing services like have supplies for an assortment of printed material that can be customized and personalized for your brand at competitive prices.

5.Promotional Giveaways

    Giveaways with corporate logos can range from button badges to t-shirts and bags depending on your budget. Business calendars are also a wonderful corporate giveaway as it contains event details relevant to your business and you can give complimentary event tickets to selected prospects if it fits your budgets. Sharing of a simple notepad with your visitors will ensure that they keep your brand in mind whenever they scribble on it. No matter how big or small, as long as it is branded, the promotional giveaways will make your potential clients think about your brand after leaving the booth.

These days, the digital transformation plays a huge part at trade shows providing a means to develop a consequential relationship with potentials consumers. Effective online print products, a well set up digital lounge and a well conversant booth staff ensure visitors who drop by a pleasant time!