For as long as sets of chance have existed, people have been trying to find an edge to win. Some have decided to rely on superstitions while others have opted for quick and easy schemes. A constant fact that never changes in all casinos worldwide is that the house always wins. Although it is true that casinos always have the upper hand, there are many ways players can beat these odds, some of which are legal. Below are five players who stand a chance of beating the casino:

  1. Players with Martingale System techniques

The Martingale Strategy is a concept that works on the probability of something happening and increasing one’s wager until the desired results are acquired. To explain the theory, one can use a coin toss as an example. There is a 50 percent chance of tails and equal opportunities for heads. If a player bets on heads and losses, the theory suggest that the player stakes on the same repeatedly, each time doubling the betting amount. Eventually, the player wins the amount equal to the first bet you placed. The theory translates well in roulette, where a person places color bets for effective double-up. Most players in Ruby Fortune Mobile and other well-known online casinos employ this technique.

  1. Players with sheer brute-force effort

Brute-force essentially means a trial and error method used by a person to try and get to a system or a game through exhaustive efforts (use brute force) rather than using intellectual strategies.

A good example of this tactic at work is the Wager Stefan Klincewicz and a team of 27 other collaborators, who targeted the Irish National Lottery with the help of a simple mathematical calculation. After doing some research, they discovered that they would have to spend about one million pounds to purchase all the tickets to the lottery, which would definitely include the one with the winning combination. Therefore, if the jackpot was big enough, which amounted to one million, seven hundred thousand pounds at the time, they would walk away with profits.

In reality, it was not as simple as the theory sounded. For them to carry out the job successfully, they needed to buy more than a million tickets. They also had to find ways to avoid colliding with the lottery officials who made efforts to stop them. After the draw was finally made, they netted a profit of 300,000 euros.

Soon others followed suit, using knowledge of science and sheer brute force to trying and exhaust the game and win. Blackjack, thought to have been unbeatable for a long time, fell into the categories of games that can be beaten by science. Statistics from a group of army statisticians showed that if a player used the ideal strategy, losing a game will be a point six percent on average.

  1. Players with card counting knowledge

About 50 years ago, a mathematician by the name Edward Thorp published an article about how a player can use “card counting technique” to get an advantage in blackjack by tracking the cards left in a deck. Over the course of the years, casinos have tried to eradicate card counting, but players are always getting better at avoiding ways of getting caught.

When you play roulette and bet on a single number, a player is paid at odds of 35-1 in European Roulette and 37-1 in the American Roulette. The fact that the player receives less than the actual odds is the house edge and explains why most casinos make money in the long term.

There are software tools developed for the sole purpose of giving a player an edge while playing casino games. Due to the growth of technology experienced around the world, professional card counting software has been among the many developed programs designed to cheat in casino games. Widely advertised and used, software for counting cards have been used to boost player winnings. A player who uses these tools reduces the overall risks of betting. However, just like in land-based casinos, this practice has led to the banning of several players in casinos, one of the most popular being Ben Affleck.

  1. A player using affiliate programs and a user account

Staying ahead of online gaming destinations does not always rely on illegal means. Players can take advantages of the services presented by a casino to earn winnings without spending too much. Though this is not an illegal tactic, it can earn a player good reward. Registered affiliates are permanently branded advertisements for gambling establishments and will give players bonuses to gamble in these gambling sites. A player can make passive income while playing in a different account.

  1. Progressive jackpot player

Progressive games come with winnings that increase as the number of players and money involved increase. The longer the amount stays in place, the more the next winnings become. Winnings from these progressive games can be very profitable to a player once their jackpot threshold is hit. Some known players such as Norwegian slot player Peter have used the progressive jackpot tactic to become overnight winners.

In Brief

Although there are tactics to use to gain the upper hand in casinos, there are no tricks that work 100%. The casino’s primary aim is business and will always strive to make sure the house always wins. Although this might be true, players are advised to use the right strategies to gain an edge while playing casino games, especially those that are legal.