5 Networking Tips to Build Authority as a Digital Marketer

What do Martin Luther King Jr., Alexander the Great, and Steve Jobs all have in common?


We all know authority is not only essential to building your brand and establishing trust from consumers, but it’s also for improving your website’s organic search performance and maintaining the SEO rankings you’ve already achieved.

In order to be successful in your marketing efforts, you need to have purpose-driven content. Content that builds trust like Martin Luther King Jr., pleases customers with consistent quality daily like Alexander the Great, and reinvents and expands the market like Steve Jobs.

Here are 5 Networking Tips you can use to expand your brand and make your voice heard.

  1. Choose One Quality and Build Your Brand

Far too often, marketers make the mistake of advertising themselves as a jack of all trades.  Which is great in many applications, but not when it comes to sales.

People buy the benefits that are coupled with your product more than the actual product or service.   By labeling yourself a jack of all trades, it’s pretty hard to convince anyone that you’re the expert on your niche.

Take the time to develop your personal brand.  Find that one quality that makes you unique and begin to attach a unique identity to all of your marketing efforts.

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  1. Remain Confident

If you do not believe in your brand as an individual, how do you expect others to?

You need to remain confident and self-assured.  Say what you think and own up to it.

As a blog writer, you need to communicate and express your thoughts and ideas thoroughly and with backbone. If Alexander the Great demonstrated signs of weakness as king of the Ancient Greek Kingdom, he never would have created one of the largest empires of the ancient world.

You need to be strong and fight off signs of insecurities because if you don’t you, will damage your reputation along with the credibility you have been trying to establish.

  1. Stay On Top of The Trends

Speaking of authority… You need to know the current events of your industry to claim you’re an expert right?  Take the time to do your homework.

Never stop expanding your repertoire of trend-finding tools to stay on-top of your industry.

Sign-up for newsletters from experts, attend those webinar, and use Google Trends to track the topics that are relevant to your work.

  1. Don’t Become a Broken Sales Record

Sometimes you influence a customer’s decision to buy by choosing not to influence them at all. You will receive a much warmer perception from those you tend not to directly influence  when the time comes to promote your service or product.

Deliver your exceptional content without expecting anything in return, except for educating your consumers on a specific product, service or issue of interest.

Long story short?  Don’t be this guy:

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  1. Reach Out to Experts (But Don’t be Desperate)

The experts in your industry can do a lot for you.  Not only do they have the funds to test the new trends before you do, they have a trusted voice in your market.  Connecting yourself to these experts can help you build your own authority, as well as reach new market opportunities.

You care about your quality and integrity right?  Don’t sacrifice your integrity to get a quick plug from an expert, try to build a relationship and establish a content share.

This is especially true when reaching out to influencers in your industry.  These experts get 500 emails a day (if not more) begging for an opportunity, so don’t be the 501st.  Offer something of value such as a review, guest post, or promotion opportunity.

With the 500 emails begging for help, you’ll stand out simply because you offered something of value.


Authoritative figures like Martin Luther King Jr., Alexander the Great and Steve Jobs were not just handed power to influence individuals and make a difference.  They used their knowledge, confidence, training, expertise and charisma to gain that power.   And so can you!

In order to attain true authority and increase your sales, take your website and products as seriously as you want your customers too.  Do your homework, pay your dues of hard work, and stay true to who you are.

Before you know, you could be a digital influencer in your industry.

How do you assert your authority as a blog writer? Let us know in the comments below!