Writing non-fictional content and editing are not easy tasks for some people. But, editing and copywriting are among the most marketable skills in the freelance world. Copy editors serve as the bridge between content writers, readers and publishers. Their work is to refine different forms of writing that finally appears on screen or print. These include website content, feature articles, manuals, newsletters, reports, books, and catalogues. Copywriters and editors that are proficient with the digital media are in high demand. That’s why many people want to sharpen their editing and copywriting skills. If you are looking for ways to sharpen your copywriting and editing skills, here are the 5 best programs and apps that you should get.

  1. Grammarly

This is a program which a copywriter can use in both Outlook and Microsoft Word. With Grammarly, it’s like you have an English teacher by your side suggesting the corrections and edits which will improve your work. It is a great program for anyone who doesn’t want to miss grammar errors. What’s more, this program suggests stronger substitutions for the used vocabulary. Even a professional dissertation writer with years of experience finds this program very useful when it comes to editing their work.

The major features of this program include suggestions for word choice, plagiarism proofing, grammatical errors detection and contextual spell-checking. Although there is a free basic version, you have to pay $29.95 per month to get a premium plan.

  1. Copyscape

This is a free tool on the web which lets you check your web page copies for duplication. Essentially, this program lets you check whether you have duplicated the content on the web. There is also a pay-as-you-go version of Copyscape. This enables you to check part of a plain text instead of the already published work. Ideally, this program is the tool to use if you want to avoid plagiarism in your copies.

  1. Hemingway

This is the app for any copywriter or editor who wants to end up with simple, strong sentences. It’s a free app which enables a copywriter to compose clear and bold pieces. Essentially, the app highlights potential edits in the final work. It uses different colours to make spotting too dense and too long sentences easier. It also uses different colours to highlight complex adverbs and words which should be eliminated. With this app, you also note parts of the text where you have used passive voice incorrectly. Using this app enables you to present ideas in the most concise way.

  1. Word Counter

This is a program which enables you to count or rank the words you have used frequently in your copy. The program requires you to copy-paste your text for analysis in a box. It is easy to use because you just do this and it analyses your work. The program features three major options. You can count the words while excluding common terms like “the” and “it”. You can also use the roots only. What’s more, you can select the number of words to list. This is an ideal tool to use when you want to find certain keywords in your written copy. It’s also a great tool to use when you want to find out which words you have overused in your work.

Word Counter is a very important program for an editor or copywriter because avoiding repetition spices up a copy. With this program, you can check the overused phrases and replace them in some instances with their alternatives.

  1. OneLook Reverse Dictionary

There are moments when an editor or copywriter wants to use a word but it’s only in their tongue and not in the mind. In that case, the OneLook Reverse Dictionary is the program to use. With this program, you just type a concept in your mind in the search bar. The program generates phrases and words which match the typed query.

With this program, you can explore the same concepts, answer some basic questions, find words for which you know their definitions only and generate a list of useful words in a specific category.

If you know the role of grammar in editing and copywriting, you will agree that these programs and apps are very useful. Try them out to improve your editing and copywriting skills.