When it comes to exploring today’s technological market, consumers can find and use a variety of cell phones and cell phone accessories. Cell phone accessories have the ability to greatly enhance a user’s cell phone experience – they make using your phone more enjoyable, efficient, and stylish.

If you or someone you know has an iPhone 6, there are many different types of accessories to choose from that can personalize your phone and help you get the most out of using it. Read on to learn about the five best accessories for the iPhone 6!

1.Pop Socket

The pop socket is a phone accessory that has come around in recent years. It is a small round handle that you can attach to the back of your phone or case that pops to extend itself. There are many uses for the pop socket: in general, it makes gripping your phone a lot easier. When you pop the pop socket out, you can then lean your phone horizontally on a flat surface, meaning that many people use their pop socket as a media stand. You can also use the gadget to wrap up earbuds – wrap the earbuds around the pop socket for neat storage and prevent the dreaded tangles. They’re pretty fun to play with as well, mimicking the distraction-tactics of this year’s fidget spinner craze.


There are many things to think about when browsing cases for the iphone 6. Having a case for your phone is one of the most important things you can do for your phone – they serve more purposes than you think. At their basic level, they’re designed to protect your phone from things that can damage it, like falls, bumps and shattered screens. A case can also protect your phone’s buttons, camera and microphone from dirt and debris. You can get cases with targeted protection features for these exact reasons. Our favorite use of the phone case is, of course, as a fashion statement: they’re a unique way to express your style and individuality. You can pick them up in a wide variety of colors, patterns, and special designs.



Although the built-in iPhone speaker gets the sound across well and serves its purpose, it could be MUCH better. Additional speakers as a phone accessory are a great way to enhance your iPhone’s sound, especially when you’re in the shower or have friends round. The tinny Apple speakers definitely aren’t the best for entertaining a room full of people! There are two main kinds of speakers that you can choose for this purpose:

  • First, there is the traditional speaker that connects to your phone through the headphone jack or through the lightning cable.
  • Next, and perhaps the most popular option, is the Bluetooth speaker. Bluetooth technologies have advanced greatly in recent years and have made this type of speakers a really affordable option. Bluetooth speakers are also lightweight and portable. You can easily take them to the beach, on a boat, or on a road trip. But don’t forget the charger!

4.Portable Charger

Speaking of chargers, having a portable charger is practically a must for any heavy iPhone user. If you are the kind of person that is very active and often spends most of the day being out and about, then you’ve probably thought about getting one of these already. With a portable charger, you can plug in your iPhone anytime or anywhere and charge your phone’s battery. Once you get home or have access to an electrical outlet again, simply recharge the charger itself. In addition to being extremely convenient, having a portable charger is a good accessory for safety in case you are staying out late and need to charge your phone for an emergency.

5.Car Mount

An iPhone car mount attaches to either the dashboard or the windshield of your car, allowing you to simply mount your phone in the frame and it will be secured in place. In many states, texting while driving is an extreme offense, with large fines or even jailtime involved if caught. Police officers will pull you over if they see a phone in your hand even if you were using it for GPS. Car mounts mean you can get your phone map going before you turn on the ignition, and mean you never have to touch it while driving.