Video games are the best interactive recreational activities which complete our lifestyle. This leisure enhances our alertness, rationality, motivation, and practical to apply our critical thinking and imagination towards the game.

Encounter the extreme action RPG, survival, first-based person shooter, simulation, and strategy game genres which will make you feel in high spirits and full of thrill.There are various notable genres which make up the challenging features of the game. In our countdown, we have listed down the top 5 best multiplayer video games that you should try this 2017. You can also keep your wallet in high spirits by saving some money on buying these games using a Gamestop coupon code.

  1. League of Legends (Riot Games)

Hone your battle combat skills with this tactical MOBA genre video game. It can be played via 3×3 or 5×5 platform. There’s a high competition among the participantsin which they’re achieving a higher rank (from Bronze to Challenger) and this makes the playersfeel motivated for the game.

The League of Legends features amazing graphics, strategical game mechanics, updated patches, challenging events, Summoner’s Rift map, and international tournaments. It’s one of the phenomenal MOBA ever since 2009. The stewardship and friendship can boost the player’s morale while trying out LOL.

Moreover, the international tournaments make the participants meet the foreign players and learn extra strategies along with the game. Some players buy world of tanks account to boost their rankings and develop their strategies.

  1. Diablo 3 (Blizzard Entertainment)

Do you want to experience an RPG game style? Diablo 3 is the best game to consider when it comes to leveling up, looting items, dressing up the characters, and slaying demons and mobs.

There are many classes to try which are suitable to your style. To name a few, the character classes are awitch doctor, monk, barbarian, wizard, and demon hunter. They also have expansion classes to add more appeal to the game. These extra character classes include archivist, crusader, and necruid. In addition, they have an additional new class of 2017 which is the Necromancer.

As an exciting part, you can actually form a party with the other players to join forces and defeat the monsters. It will also enhance your ability to use special skills whenever you battle.

  1. Overwatch (Blizzard Entertainment)

The Overwatch was based on an objective type of video game in which two to six players may compete as to each other. It has different servers and runs various modes of mechanics such as custom game, competitive play, quick play, weekly brawl, and player versus the artificial intelligence computer system.

Currently, it contains 20 diverse maps and 25 hero characters for the user to play. Sometimes, this game is being compared to League of Legends, StarCraft, Team Fortress 2, Diablo, and Warcraft due to its amazing mechanics, gaming control, and awesome quests and events.

It can be purchased through thedigital and physical form. In addition, it has two editions, namely collector’s edition and origins edition. Your technique in battling using guns and long-range attacks will also improve in Overwatch.

  1. Counter-Strike:GO (Hidden Path Entertainment and Valve Corporations)

Do you like playing wars and tactical combats? The Counter-Strike:Global Offensive is the legendary multiplayer game of all time in which it incorporates guns, firearms, ammunition, and weapons to defeat the enemies.

It’s a quick-paced game which really keeps the player alert in order to shoot the target. It has multiple battling rounds, spin-offs, and sequels that allows the players to join a terrorist or counter-terrorist. When it comes to its pointing system, the player who has successfully eliminated a target will take the score.

There are five challenging objectives in CS GO which includes hostage rescue, bomb defused, assassination, arsenal race, escape, and arsenal demolition. The gaming controls are dynamic and responsive every time the player makes a move to corner its target.

  1. Arma 3 (Bohemian Interactive)

An Arma 3 is also a first-based person shooter which resembles the war and strategical mechanics of the CS GO. The gaming controls, graphics, characters, and equipment are the main attraction of this game. What makes it different from the famous CS GO?

In this action RPG, you will encounter the heavy machines, air jets, and vehicles used in the real war. You will have to devise a plan and counter the attacks for you to claim the victory. Experience the massive military war, which was escalated to an entirely new level of shooting, survival, and tactical game.

The visual displays and character motions are absolutely realistic and the backgrounds definitely resemble the environment in a real war.