Feedback power is a powerful tool which can either make or break the receiving organization. The effect of the feedback solely depends on how the organization makes use of this feedback. Though positive feedback is taken into consideration enthusiastically, the main concern lies with the negative feedback. Organizations or for that matter individuals are not aware of how to act in an effective manner on receiving the negative feedback.

Normally, people tend to get angry, hurt, and even defensive on receiving negative feedback. Mostly, individuals try to ignore the feedback altogether. The reason is that negative feedback can strike strongly at our self image, our most prized possession. However, a business management consulting lesson says that it is very important for any organization to listen to the negative feedback. The organization should pay special heed to what their customers are saying, especially if something negative. Infact, it is imperative to welcome negative feedback and act swiftly on it. Though negative feedback in reality can be very depressing and hurting, but on the other hand it has some benefits as well. Complaints against you can actually be good opportunities for you to reflect on your working, both as an individual and organization. Moreover, it can also be a chance to envision something which is new and much better.

Here are 4 reliable ways to act effectively on negative feedback.

  1. Accept the feedback

Acceptance is the golden rule. Accept your feedback and remember it is not a personal thing. The reason is that if you would take the feedback personally, then your brain automatically goes into the defensive mood. Moreover, you start focussing on how to make excuses for denying the feedback. However, the actual process should be looking for ways to mend the negative feedback. Take the feedback just as a piece of information and act upon it. Try to build your future strategies on this feedback. The foremost consideration should be how you can use this information to help yourself and move forward. It is integral not to dwell on what has gone wrong but to invest your energies on finding the answer to this problem.

  1. Be a listener

Listen and listen carefully. The foremost thing to be done is to listen carefully to your negative feedback. Do not interrupt and listen attentively while you are at the receiving end. Now the question is what exactly should you listen to? The first thing is to understand what the actual criticism is before reacting. Moreover, you need to judge that whether the feedback is a fact or just an opinion. You did not add some important points in the project plan can be termed as a fact. Whereas, you did not conduct a meeting properly is an opinion. Differentiating between an opinion and a fact will make it easier for you to respond in a better way. Next consideration is whether the feedback is accurate or not. Sometimes, the feedback is presented in such a manner that it makes the receiver comfortable. However, sometimes this is not the case. However, the real aspect is whether the feedback given is accurate or not.

  1. Ask for sometime

It is always advisable to ask for some time to act on the feedback. If the project is not urgent, ask for some time to reflect on the feedback. This would offer many benefits. Foremost is that this would soothe the situation a little bit. The customer would be happy to know that you are taking the feedback seriously and want to understand it completely by giving it time. In fact, this can even act as an image building strategy for your organization. Once you are able to understand what the feedback is all about, you can prepare a well crafted apology as well. However, do not over do the apology as it can again irritate the client.

  1. Take appropriate action

This is the final and most effective strategy for handling negative feedback. Take appropriate action on rectifying the aspect which has been pointed out. Anyone can listen to feedbacks but only few take steps to correct the situation. The person who has given the feedback is definitely not happy with your work or attitude. Thus, making efforts to turn the feedback into a positive one would definitely give fruitful results. Make proper strategies along with your team members to turn the tables. This would definitely help.

Negative feedbacks are a part of life and should not be taken too seriously that they lead to utter disappointment. Try to take them as good business management consulting lessons if you are a business organization. These lessons would leave behind a better person and an effective organization. Thus, try to handle these negative feedbacks with grace and see the difference in your success journey.