As advanced technology becomes more accessible, more people are able to enjoy the perks of these devices in their very own homes. From smart security cameras to voice-activated appliances, these futuristic gadgets are taking over.

Companies are inventing and revamping common household items to make everyday tasks easier and more efficient. What’s going to be big in 2019? These 4 pieces of home tech will keep you and your family up to date with the ever-changing innovation of home technology.

  1. Smart Thermostat

The Ecobee4 is the latest in residential thermostat technology. It sets itself aside from the others by having Alexa built in. As you almost certainly already know, Alexa is Amazon’s voice command smart hub. Many smart home technologies can be controlled by it, but they require a centralized system to do that.

The Ecobee4 can now act as that hub, allowing your other devices to connect to it. Instead of needing to buy supplemental devices to run your gadgets, you can save money and basically get two in one! Even though it’s inside the thermostat, the voice assistant is no different than before. Ask it whatever you want, and you will get an answer.

Of course, it also does what you’d expect any thermostat to do, utilizing a sensor to make sure every room is at the desired temperature.

  1. Solar Powered Flagpole Lights

As many people take great pride in where they live, it is common to see homeowners flying flags in their yard. Unfortunately, if you want it lit up in the dark, outdoor lights can be expensive and raise your electricity bill. How can you make sure the flag is still seen at night?

Solar flagpole lights are the new thing. They are eco-friendly and won’t add to your monthly energy bill. With all sorts of options, you will definitely find one that suits your style. On sites like, you can find reviews of the best solar lights that have come out this year to ensure your flag is lit up for the whole street to see without costing a pretty penny.

  1. Garage Door Opener Apps

How many times has your garage door opener dropped off the visor in your car, or you’ve lost it completely? Well, there’s finally a solution to that problem.

The Chamberlain MYQ Garage system connects with the one thing you have on your person at all times – your phone. Simply tap the screen in the app to close or open it from anywhere. You can also check the status to see if it is down or up and for how long. You will never have to worry if you’ve left your garage door open ever again.

The company plans on updating this current system to soon include a feature that detects when your car is a certain distance from your house. The notification will tell your garage door to open automatically and then as it senses the car inside the garage it will close.

  1. Smart Light Bulbs

Buying light bulbs at the store is never easy. Unless you kept the old box, it seems like they are always either too bright, too dim, or the wrong color. Philips Hue White A19 Starter Kit is making this frustrating task a whole lot easier. This set includes two white smart bulbs and a hub that can connect with up to fifty different bulbs. With the app, you can adjust the brightness of the bulbs, turn them on and off, and control them with your voice.

Other bulbs that can be used with this system have the ability to change colors. A feature on the app allows you to synchronize your lights with whatever you are playing on your computer. The lights will change color or flash with the beat of the music or video content.

The Bottom Line

To simplify redundant everyday tasks, investing in technology is recommended for you. If you are looking to join the smart home community or update your gadgets, these are some of the best you can get to begin 2019 the smart way.