Starting up a business is very exciting for all concerned but there are also many areas of concern. One of the challenges that startups face is the amount of money that has to be invested before the business is even off the ground. Although not all startups face these crippling costs, some do and they struggle to raise the money they need.

One way around this is to try and reduce the amount that you have to fund upfront by sourcing cheaper options. Finding a place from which to run your business can be a major expense. However, there are ways in which you can slash the cost of suitable business premises, which makes a big difference to the amount of money you need upfront.

Some tips to find cheaper business premises 

So, what are the options when it comes to finding a place to work when starting a new business? Well here are some possibilities that you can consider:

  • Turning to storage facilities: It is possible to cut the cost of business premises by turning to storage facilities. By using storage units Miami startup can slash upfront costs. You can operate many businesses from a storage unit once you have internet services set up. You also get to enjoy around the clock access to your ‘office’ as well as very affordable pricing.


  • Set up a home office: If you watch live news relating to business, you will know that more and more people are now working from home. Setting up a home office provides you with a huge range of benefits, including the ability to slash the cost of getting your business up and running. You can set up a home office with ease and even find second hard furniture and equipment for further reduce your initial outgoings.


  • Look at affordable office space: Renting or buying your own dedicated business premises will be costly. However, opting for a serviced office can be far cheaper and involves a lot less hassle. You will find these serviced offices all around the country and they provide a comfortable and convenience solution when it comes to workspace. All you need to do is pay one monthly rental bill each month. Within this, all costs are covered including cleaning, maintenance, access to equipment and furniture, dedicated office meeting rooms, reception services, and more.


  • Convert your shed: If working inside the home is not an option for any reason, you can look at converting your shed. All you need to do is get electrics and furniture sorted and ensure that you have a way of heating it in the colder weather. If you have wifi at home, the chances are that this will extend as far as your shed so you won’t have to worry about additional internet service costs.


As you can see, there are various solutions that can help if you want to find an affordable and convenient place from which to run your new business.