A successful website takes more than just a great product.  Even the best products need a proper introduction to the world before they catch fire on the market.  People have to know about the awesomeness of something to want it, so visibility is the main goal of a business website.

Though the design of every website is a bit different than the last, there are a few common elements designers have found to be more effective than others.  Read through this brief overview of four of the most essential aspects of a successful business website, and get to designing your own digital presence.

Steal the audience with a stellar homepage

The homepage of a website is like the front window of a traditional brick and mortar store.  It must draw the eye of passing shoppers.  Not only must the design be eye-catching, it must be attention-grabbing too.

It is estimated that web designers have less than ten seconds to successfully pique the attention of web surfers before they get bored, and move on to another, more interesting, website.  It pays to invest time and research into the visually pleasing aspects of web design.

Build a relationship with your online audience

Not only should your website be designed to catch viewer’s visually, it should also allow the opportunity to build a solid rapport with web users.  The way you do that is to post plenty of success stories from happy customers, and a short bio for a few of the company’s most active professionals.

A well-designed “About Us” page (like this one) will show the human side of the organization.  People enjoy the feeling of familiarity.  When you share information, viewers are able to see your company as a group of people rather than a money-centered machine.

Keep the lines of communication opened

Make sure to include a clear and concise “Contact Us” page link in your site’s design.  Communication is one of the most important aspects of business, and the digital realm is no different.

Make it easy for web viewers to communicate with the proper professionals in your company.  People do not only want to share negative complaints.  Give them the ability to share the good and the bad news, and use that information to better your company’s business model.

Create a collection of enriching content

Building a website that has plenty of rich content for readers is a great way to gather loyal followers.  When you give the people something interesting to read or learn, they will share their enjoyment with their friends and family.  Sharing blog posts on social media will exponentially expand your online viewership, and provide far more opportunity for conversions.