Back in the day, the only way to work was to go in person to a physical location. There was no internet or computers, so it wasn’t possible to work at home. Now a majority of people have their own laptops and are able to work from home. Here are three ways technology makes working from home easier.

  1. Communication Apps

The key to working at home successfully is communicating with your team. While some questions will facilitate a phone call, such as ones that are lengthier and too much to type out, the majority of questions can be answered quickly. That’s where communication suites come in handy and are able to bring every communication channel together. Apps such as Slack make it easy to start conversations with whoever you want. They can use these in addition to intranet software that their company provides.

You can ask a single coworker a question that doesn’t relate to anyone else while also starting a group message with the people who are working on the same project. This is beneficial for multiple reasons, one being that it saves a ton of time compared to calling someone and waiting for them to return your call. You can also quickly reference what they said by looking at your log.

Most apps let you search for a specific conversation, file, or image when you need to refer back to it. You can feel safe going to lunch and not missing phone calls, as you’ll have messages waiting for you when you get back.

  1. Document Management Programs

Having a central place for document management and file hosting greatly improves employee productivity. When there’s quick access to every document you might need in organized folders, you won’t have to worry about people asking you for help finding them. Programs such as Dropbox make it easy for an entire team to access folders and you can even create folders just for specific people to look at.

This makes it simple for people to search for that document they need in a pinch, especially when they can use the search function online to find it. When the company works with internal partners or vendors, these types of programs can save hours each month.

Cloud-based document systems are fairly simple to use so employers won’t have to spend time training their employees on how to use them. There are many security features already embedded in them, such as short-lived links, password protection, and limiting who has access or editing rights. It’s simple to make sure no one gets their hands on the information they’re not authorized to. These programs also have real-time sync to make sure any work is saved if the employee has to temporarily leave or wants to access the files from another device.

  1. Project Management Tools

Project management programs let teams finish tasks on time and have no problem meeting deadlines. Activity tracking and task management are two parts that are helpful for a team working online. This makes it easy to see who is in charge of what and when it’s due.

When people don’t have to commute, they’re sometimes more efficient and happier with their work. There are many ways technology makes working from home easier than ever.