According to recent research, 96 percent of website visitors are not quite ready to buy – that’s the bad news. The good news is that email marketing platforms who offer automation and personalization give marketers the ability to re-engage potential customers with content that moves them further down the sales funnel.

Customers may start a purchase on your site but leave the checkout halfway through. Is that a lost sale forever? If you don’t use email automation it most likely will be. Almost 70% of Ecommerce checkouts are abandoned before transaction completion. Ecommerce sites who automate cart abandonment email messages through integrations with email automation platforms see half of those emails opened with 35% of those email click-throughs leading to a sale.

Below you will find examples of three of the leading providers of email automation, and how they are leading the pack when it comes to increased customer loyalty and engagement.

Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor gives marketers the ability to reach customers with valuable content that is specific to their interests.  How do they do this?  By offering users an easy to use automated system based on data that has been collected on viewer behaviors and purchase history. For example, a company can take a customer’s buying history – such as the products they bought, or how much they spent – and through Campaign Monitor’s integration with eCommerce platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce, can send personalized messages based off this data.  Additional criteria would be compiled such as age, gender and location to be used to target individuals with the right message at the right time.

Another way that marketers can use Campaign Monitor to foster customer loyalty is by celebrating repeat shoppers through exclusive VIP content.  A customer is more likely to open if they feel valued, and that they are getting something unique to them.  Personalized welcome messages and reminders are easy to schedule, capturing viewer attention from the start. This information is carried through the customer journey so that content never goes stale, and if it does, Campaign Monitor offers real-time analytics to help form your campaign strategy.

Campaign Monitor also boasts awards for the best customer support among email marketing platforms with 24/7 customer support no matter where you are in the world. They also provide customers with customer success reps that help customers achieve their ROI goals using industry best practices.


MailChimp lets clients develop exceptional content that centers directly on customer satisfaction. By allowing customization of triggers within pre-built workflows, this innovative platform engages customers to not only finish transactions they may have forgotten about, but to add exclusive products on as well.

MailChimp also offers reporting features that track customer involvement in campaigns. Clients are able to measure audience growth as well as individual demographic engagement percentages.  MailChimp falls short in providing marketers with robust automation and personalization tools. While you are able to create email sequences, there isn’t an easy way to create customer journeys based on actions.

Another area that’s lacking is their customer service. There isn’t a phone number you can call support. Instead you have to search their knowledge base to find solutions.


MyEmmaboasts increased subscriber engagement with an all-in-one platform. A technique specific to this platform is the webinar marketing solution tool that is designed to increase engagement and conversions.  With simple steps to create an informative webinar, this is a great way to diversify content as long as it contains relevant content.

The company also offers uniquely curated welcome messages that are able to be tailored to customers of all backgrounds and demographics simply based on where they signed up on the web. Auto response emails that generate under certain criteria as well as simple mobile integration are what make this platform truly shine.

Ignoring possible customer interactions can prove fatal to a business. Thankfully, companies today are able to rely on email automation platforms to make this connection meaningful by using data to personalize marketing messages to each customer. Fostering these important relationships, that used to take years, can now happen in the blink of an eye thanks to email automation platforms that are easy to use and powerful