Whenever you look for a new job, things can get…overwhelming. It’s hard enough to find a job that seems to be a dream come true, but what if it turns out to be a nightmare? Or what if the job you thought you signed up for isn’t even legit? And how are you supposed to find out what you’re walking into?

You’d be hard pressed to find someone willing to just come out and say “eh, this place is not for you.”, or “actually, what we do here is really sketchy”.  That’s why getting an inside scoop on potential future employers by doing a background check on them is such an important step.


First things first, see if the company you’re applying for has enough clout to be present on Glassdoor. This isn’t always a perfect option for anyone looking to apply to small or local businesses, but it’s still a great first step.

Glassdoor gives an overview and a ranking system submitted by previous and current employees. The company is ranked on a scale of one to five, and then people are free to write a detailed review. Glassdoor tends to let you know some general things about a company culture, and is useful when looking for big red flags. It also lets you know how much their employees make, which can help you compare any offers you’ve received.

Keep in mind that if there are too few reviews for a company, one bad experience can really affect the ranking provided. Make sure to check other sites because it may be that just a single employees experience was bad.


If Glassdoor isn’t giving enough information, or enough people haven’t reviewed a company there, head to Indeed next.

While Glassdoor is often a mix of current and past employees, Indeed tends to be just the previous employees. This leads to sometimes more honest reviews. Another plus for Indeed’s reviews is that they come with a wider set of numerical reviews. There’s something about putting rankings in numerical form that can make them more honest sometimes. And it’s this kind of dataset that makes rechecking a company on Indeed necessary.

Although, some of the positives about Indeed become clear when you realize your potential employer isn’t what you want. As Indeed’s primary function is job searching. If a company doesn’t align with your values, they provide other suggestions right there on the site. All in all, another good tool for learning more about the company you’re interested in joining.


Glassdoor and Indeed are great sites for when applying to large, well-established companies, but how can you find information about your individual employer? Phonelookup-24 is a good option for those who want to know the background of the people they’ll be working for in addition to the company’s background.

You like knowing exactly who you’re talking too, especially when you’re unsure about the legitimacy of a business. There are so many scammers today that it’s important not to take any risks. If you feel like a situation is suspicious even if it’s at a supposed “big company”, you can check individual phone numbers through this website.

The reverse phone lookup lets you know the name and email associated with the number. More importantly, however, you also get a heads up on any criminal records or outstanding warrants and arrests for the holder of the number. This is ideal if you’re worried about the safety of a potential work environment. It’s essential to know who you’re working with, but keep in mind it won’t work the same with corporate numbers – personal numbers are required.


Employers background check you, so why shouldn’t you do a little online research to run a background check on them? Altogether, using these 3 sites is a good way to ensure your job search ends in a perfect fit.