It’s 2018.

Some of the previous web design techniques are starting to become obsolete. With these new design techniques, it’s obvious that shopify web design services will become more useful in the future.

Keep reading to see some of these trends and how they can benefit your site!

Dynamic Fonts

Long gone are the days of the sans-serif font. Due to the everchanging resolutions on everyone’s phones, designers have solved this problem by making fonts more dynamic. Now, some shopify web design services are using dynamic fonts in order to appeal to their target market.

Variable fonts make it easier to change the character width for different screen sizes and languages. The text grade can also be adjusted making it easier to create contrast with the foreground and background of the screen.

By having dynamic fonts, you’ll be able to account for readers that have low vision and light scenarios. Thus, making it easier to read your content. So try to make your site have dynamic fonts to reach out to everyone that views it!

Web VR

Due to the popularity of virtual reality and augmented reality, web designers have started to implement it into their sites. Here are two inherent advantages of using WebVR:

  • Once it has been created for one platform, you can use WebVR for new platforms interchangeably. This is a huge advantage considering the growth of VR hardware.
  • It reduces the number of hurdles to your user to use what you’re trying to build. Users would only have to worry about connecting their headset instead of installing software.

Because of this, we can see that WebVR will be the future for Shopify web design services. Not only will it make sites more interactive, but it will also keep your users interested with your content and potentially make them regular customers.

Artificial Intelligence

Voice user interfaces, chatbots, were a big trend in 2017. While they weren’t fully using AI, the promise of AI technology on Shopify sites have become a circulating topic. With artificial intelligence, we’ll see more sites that know the user’s preferences and direct them to products that are tailored to them.

Design Systems

Design systems are currently in development as they are used to help designers create sites faster and more efficiently. Digital teams have the task of creating products, features, and services that have to work on more environments and devices than usual.

To complete this challenging task, design systems were made to obtain institutional knowledge, so that different disciplines and product teams can work effectively together. As a result, they’ll be able to make more high-quality work faster and more efficiently.

Brand Experience

Shopify website design services are made to create a good brand experience with their users. No longer is the logo the main focal point of the site. Now, sites are made to keep users engaged and fully into the content that they’re viewing.

When you make your Shopify website, check for the UI and UX principles of the page. By doing this, you’ll be able to make it more appealing to your audience and have them more connected to your brand.


If you’re trying to make a web site for your Shopify page, try to keep these trends in mind. While they may be more complex than the current web pages, they will help your site have the edge over the competition. Ultimately, use these trends and watch more users become more interested in your products!