Brand awareness is something every business needs. Just a short while ago everyone could state with uncompromised certainty: the only way to achieve brand awareness was by spending a ton of money. Nowadays, we see indie brands with nothing more than a tiny boutique in the middle of nowhere and a free Instagram page as their advertising platform becoming multi-million dollar giants. So, clearly, the goalpost has shifted and brand awareness takes much more than just throwing cash at it. You need to know the ropes to stay relevant. Here are our best pieces of advice: a list of 10 ways to improve your store’s brand awareness.

#1 Bring digital signage in your store

Digital signage is great for boosting brand awareness and a great way to grab attention. Good digital signage partner is able to significantly improve customer experience and provide well-thought-out customer care. The in-store navigation, customer interaction without staff engagement, online content integration (customer recommendations or mentions, price comparison, product reviews), etc. As far as the DS software goes – find a market leader. With digital signage software, the quality gap between the best and good is immense. Look for intelligent, user-friendly high-tech solutions for your store. We are currently using Kitcast signage software as they’ve paired with AppleTV, to provide a solution that works effortlessly.

#2 Navigate your clients to your store

If your store is a part of a huge retail mall, chances are you’re losing your clients every day. People are impulse shoppers, so, even if they came into the mall with your store in mind, it doesn’t mean you’ll see them entering your store, people tend to wander off and change their shopping lists along the way. There is an easy solution here: a lot of stores are launching new navigation apps. These digital platforms are referred to as “way-finding” apps. A lot of large brands have already jumped on the opportunity to boost their popularity with this feature. Target has even taken it a step further and added in-store navigation that a) helps customers to quickly find their way around the store, b) pin-points sales and promotional items in the store. Such initiatives increase loyalty and up interaction, both lead to higher revenue.

#3 Implement User-generated Content

Go out of your way to generate user content in your store. More than 60% of adults in the U.S. say they’re likely to make a purchase based on a friend’s post. Take the advantage. To raise the awareness brands need to be fully aware that people want to be acclaimed. Come up with a creative way for people to promote your store on Social Media if it is the last thing you do for your brand awareness.

#4  Use Video Content

There is no way around this in 2019 if you want to advance your brand’s agenda: proper video presence is a must. There’s 40% more customer traffic and an astonishing 160% surge in SE traffic for those with marketing with video content.

#5 Personalize in-store customer experience

Newest digital screens can actually recognize who is standing in front of them, this gives brands the opportunity to personalize everyone’s shopping experience by giving customers in-store purchase suggestions based on the previously made purchases, on their profiles and even online browsing history.

#6 Embrace Influencer Marketing

Find credible people with a substantial audience on social media platforms and establish cooperation. It is always a good decision to start targeting your audience through influential people. Nowadays, one highly valued within your niche influencer will be able to quickly reach millions of people with a message. The ideal recipe is to market your brand through 50-100 influencers to join forces to increase recognition, trust and awareness.

#7 Use LED screens for EVERYTHING

With good digital signage software, screens become the brand awareness ambassadors. Screens can grab your customers on a busy street and bring them into the store. They can make customers experience in the store high-tech, interactive and, ultimately, memorable. People love interactive screens installed in fitting rooms, interactive screens to try on glasses, or virtually try on make-up, etc.

#8 Use Native Advertising

The native advertisement is highly trusted by consumers, as it is perceived as reputable third parties educated opinion on your product. Native ads are a great way to build familiarity, as well as favorability for your store’s brand.

#9 Use hashtags and Instagram Story Ads

A well-researched creative hashtag marketing can dramatically boost brand awareness. And the Story ads use a super immersive format, they exist as dividers between Stories, though, they are designed in a way to make it difficult for people to visually separate them from the organic Instagram content.

#10 Measure your brand’s awareness campaign success

Tracking the results is a very important part of any brand awareness campaign. Find an effective brand analytics solution that can help you track the important data.