For those who are new to the world of digital marketing, will have a misconception that social media and SEO are different. But, Search Engine Optimization(SEO) and Social Media are two firmly twined methodologies. Both are natural, inbound techniques that emphasis on building an engaging personality that normally pulls in visitors. Since it depends on the quality content and a noticeable, solid brand awareness, the endeavors spend on SEO can doubly enhance the social media reach, and as many marketers will tell that the social media awareness can incredibly build the highest rankings. In other words, social media for SEO can be treated as the Off-Page SEO techniques to reach more audience. SEO provides relevance and helps to create value for the audience.

It’s been shocking that while talking about how social media can impact the Google rankings, most of the social marketers forget the points of interest instead of talking precisely about how and why expanded social media consideration can enhance SEO.

For developing the success in the present online context, SEO is really a risky method where competition is highly tough. But there are a few things that can prioritize while improving SEO. Among them, Social media stood first to improve SEO.

The below are the 10 ways social media can boost SEO.

  1. Link Building

Many experiments are conducted on link building strategy for SEO, it came up with a result that 88% SEO experts use social media for link building in SEO. Sometimes for SEO purposes, Social Media is ignored. But, it is not suggested to ignore the traffic from the links of social media.

Social media is used to make outreach and networking a bit easier for link building. For building relationships and link prospecting opportunities with the business, social media is used more. For any traditional and regular email outreach for link building, social media has become an alternative in the industry. This allows connecting people outside their hectic inboxes.


  1. Fast indexing

The search engine crawlers in the web utilize links to identify update or new content. So, if there are more leads to the webpage, the search engine will index those web pages quickly. Social media can enhance the links easily and it becomes an easy way of indexing the content.

Here, the people who shared the link, the period of time, their influence in achieving particular targeted people are the major factors that are considered in terms of SEO.

So put social media sharing buttons on each and every page of the website, and encourage visitors to share the content. Also, use hashtags to acquire visibility for initials steps of interaction and bring the content into many discussions and threads. It helps to develop potential link sources and social reputation and gain publicity for the service or product that is mentioned on the website.


  1. Brand Awareness

The brand identity is what makes a company instantly recognizable to the customers. The audience will unite the brand identity with the service or product, and that identity is what stimulates the relationship between company and customers, strengthens customer loyalty, and defines how customers will perceive the brand.

Social media can be one among the other methods to create brand awareness because it has a direct access to the target audience. Posting, twittering different types of content like participating in group conversations, questionnaires, etc will definitely help in increasing the maximum reach for building the brand identity among the people. Advertisements and paid options are also available to reach larger and targeted audience quickly.


  1. Optimize Posts

Social media gives an opportunity to engage with the audience in local communities. By sending specific authority signals to search engine in local areas would precisely help in improving the SEO for any website.

This can happen when the organization conducts any event or interacting with other establishments and local brands on social media, accordingly post them on social media to attract a number of people online.

Facebook and Instagram posts are usually seen and interacted by many people these days. For example, pages that post check-in details, any workplace photographs can attract people easily.


  1. Distinguish the best Social Network

Most of the marketers target Facebook and Twitter as the most exclusive social media. But it should not become the only perspective, because many other platforms support in different aspects to connect people.

For example, In Pinterest, the common audience who approaches is mostly the female. In case, for targeting any beauty related products, Pinterest will help in approaching the maximum reach where female look into it daily.

Likewise, LinkedIn is meant for professionals who look for the profiles for any business and the information can be driven easily. No matter when trying to offer any B2B service or product, an active LinkedIn presence should be there. So, it is easy to find the related social media network to find the most targeted audience for the business.


  1. Content promotion

For ranking the website through content sharing, social media can be helpful. Irrespective of live streaming, videos, image, a form of content that is probably important functions of sharing. It empowers to promote the brand by allowing the quality content on live channels with a fresh news on the service or product. With a killer and sharp content, people will react to it, resulting in a positive response to the search engines.

High bounce rate will indicate a poor user experience because Google reports bounce rates for that content which is not useful and may not reflect a good result for any search. Social media presents another course to deliver the content.


  1. Be Interactive

Being interactive doesn’t mean to stick completely to the media network for a long time, which in turn, can affect confusion and mislead. Social media is not a single contact form of communication. Be smart and react to every single complaint and compliment.

The users in the social media don’t wait for the longtime responses. Mention is a platform that monitors and notifies whenever the brand is mentioned.


  1. Avoid troublesome selling

Many people in the present society follow family and friends than brands that are usually published in social media. This reflects that their timeline is filled with feeds of people instead of advertisements. If the advertisements are more than the regular posts, people don’t like to see it anymore. They usually want interesting information rather than ads. So try to share posts related to the industry rather than product or services.


  1. Boosts more engagement

Social media can improve the site’s SEO by increased engagement.

If the information shared is found interesting and useful, people share it with their friends and family members through many social networking platforms. So it can be a good ranking signal for search engines.

Make sure to keep in mind the engagement that focuses SEO before promoting the quality content in social media. Because engagement not only improves reputation but also help in generating connections and leads to the business.


  1. Improves Domain Ranking

Social media has become a perfect channel for the content distribution. Every information shared on social media contributes credibility and domain authority. Every single action is taken into consideration by a search engine, these help in boosting the domain in natural results. This can also increase the number of audiences too.

A gateway landing page has to be created on the website so that people should like to share it. Also, it is better to post user-given or user’s feelings related content.



With the presence of social media like perfect link building, social media profiles, consistent content can definitely be an advantage for the improvement of SEO. So try to analyze and implement all the given tips before implementing on social media.